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Poster & YouTube Thumbnail

Fall lecture flyer and YouTube thumbnail, featuring an illustration that evokes the image of reconciliation from broken relationships.


セブンスデー・アドベンチスト立川キリスト教会 (Seventh-day Adventist Tachikawa churh)

SDA 立川キリスト教会 秋の講演会 Poster.png
Tachikawa church 2022 秋の講演会 Youtube Thumbnail.png

*The blank on the YouTube Thumbnail is to customise texts 

They had a 40 days prayer and needed to change the information in daily bases.

About Design.

As we grow older, many of us are troubled by our relationships. This lecture aimed to help people realize that there is love that people inherently have for the other person.

Target Audience

People, especially the elderly, struggle with various human relationships. (Women (men) who are struggling with their marital relationships, parents who struggle with their children, people who have finished raising their children and struggle with their life plans with their husbands (or wives), people who struggle with their relationships with their in-laws, etc.)

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