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Lucy Goes To A Tea Party

Ladybugs And Grasshopper

Book Details | Language : English | Publication Date : 10/4/2023 Archway Publisher​

Author: Christine Chen

Art Director: Brett Meliti

Illustration: Mugi Kinoshita


Lucy is a bubbly ladybug who loves adventure. She especially loves playing with Gregory, the grasshopper, who lives next door to her grandmother. Lucy and Gregory go on adventures and have lots of fun playing in the creek behind Grandmother’s house. On one particular afternoon, Lucy visits Grandmother for a different kind of fun. Grandmother has invited Lucy to a tea party. However Lucy is not happy about a tea party. She wants to have fun playing in the creek with Gregory. Lucy soon realizes that tea parties are just a different kind of fun. On this adventure, Lucy learns all about tea party manners and how much fun it is to make new friends.

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Visual Concept

Character Design | Environments Concept | Lighting Concept

Character Design

Designed  characters as adorable as possible to make everyone fall in with the characters, even those who hates insects can enjoy reading the story. 

Grandma's House

Designed red mushroom house for ladybugs grandmother's house in the bushes. Whimsical house is surrounded by the large bushes, which brings audience to the small fantasy insect world.