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I Want to Be a Tree of The Lord


2D Animated Music Video


Jun Nemoto | SDA Saniku Highschool Music Teacher




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Animated Music Video based on the Music, ”神様の樹になりたい” by Jun Nemoto.

Following the music, a lost girl is given a precious seed, and she discovers that “when we belong to God, we are all God’s big family, like a tree with many branches”.

Made All by Mugi

What I Did

Preproduction: Storyboard, Character & Environment Design, Concept art

Production: Rigging, Animation, Background painting (50+), Title Animation, VFX

Post Production: Editing, Color Grading, Sound, End Credit, Caption, SNS Graphics


Character Animation: Toon Boom Harmony

Title Animation: Adobe After Effects

VFX: Adobe After Effects

Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

Background Painting: Procreate 

Background Painting

Background paintings for an animated music video, "神様の樹になりたい(I Want To be a Tree of the Lord)" Painted in Procreate with Maxpack Watercolor Brushes


Character Design

Environment Concept