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My Passion

is to deliver healing and hope for the future to those who are suffering emotionally and feel suffocated in their daily lives, and to guide them to spiritual restoration through my paintings.

Mugi Kinoshita

An illustrator with production experience. Specializing in digital watercolor illustrations for story driven arts. High skill in storytelling and capturing a sense of peace and hope. Comfortable with expressing, accepting new ideas, and directing a team. High self-motivation and hardworking mindset.


My creativity led to an original world vision and design skills, as well as my inquisitive mind and strong will that I strive to achieve the goal till the end.


Windrider Institute


Best Undergraduate Student Film, Screening at Sundance Film Festival

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Sonscreen Film Festival


Best in Festival

Audience Choice

Best Animated Short

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Southern Adventist Uni.

2019- 2022

Award for Excellent in Concept Design

Recognition of Spiritual Leadership

Award for Excellence in Art Direction

Top Achiever Award

Consistently Excellent In Foundations Courses


2023 - Present: Children's book Illustration 
No Shoe No School (Restore a Child)
Client Voice: The representative, Norma, teared up when she saw the artwork. She was so moved that she said, "I can't wait to distribute them to children around the world."
2023 - Present: Illustration for monthly magazine
Adventist World Magazine
Client Voice:  Satisfaction with punctuality, ability to be flexible, high quality of pictures, etc.
2023: Children's book Illustration
Lucy Goes To A Tea (Christine Chen) 
Client Voice:  When seeing the concept art, they said, "It looks like Disney's concept art." Clients were pleased with the finished product, which was better than they had imagined.
2023: Guest Speakers & Workshops
Hiroshima Saniku Gakuin high school (12-18y students & teachers)
Client Voice: “It was like as if I was watching a moving Children’s book” Said audience. Many students were in tears, received peace in their hearts, saw hope for the future, and were encouraged.
2022: 2D Animated Music Video Creator
Southern Adventist University 
2D Animated Music Video: background art, character design, concept, animation, video editing, special effects, etc.
Client Voice: Heartwarming, tearful (USA, Brazil, Japan)  etc., 90,000 views on YouTube in 9 days.
2022: Christmas Banner Illustrations (Building size)
Southern Adventist University 
Created 9 giant Christmas banner illustrations to cover 3 buildings surrounding the main Southern University building, published annually for 5-10 years.
Client Voice:  Favorable feedback of great satisfaction from teaches, students, family, and all the viewers passing throught the main building
2022 Encouragement art for Ukraine
Voice: The paintings became a daily encouragement to a Ukrainian mother to live during the war, and emotional supports for  Ukrainian family who came to Japan as refugees. Also it delivered hope to Americans.
2020: Knock Knock
Southern Adventist University 
3D animated short film: producer, art director, animation, video editing, special effects, etc.
Client Voice:  Many people moved to tears all over the world empathizing with the film, and it won 4 film festival awards.






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