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Bookmark design with inspiring illustration that represents Japanese Tokyo culture. Illustration is to  inspire recipients to pray for People in Tokyo.

Mission Unusual Tokyo_edited.png
Mission Unusual Tokyo Book Mark Preview.png

About Design.

Meaning of Illustration

A train station where winter people are busy coming and going.  A child is crouched down in a crowded train station, almost  crushed by the people. I layered myself with the stress of studying  for exams, feeling crushed by the pressure and loneliness, hating  myself for comparing myself with others, and unable to move  forward. But it is at times like that that God is there by my side, reaching out  to the lonely and sending His angels. The Lord Himself says, "I will never leave you. I will never leave  you nor forsake you." When I hated myself and felt like my heart was breaking, I was  saved by God's love, His promise that I would always be on your side  and never leave you. I painted this picture with these thoughts in  mind. 


Light and hope shine brightest in the darkness. To represent God's love and healing, I chose yellow that represents the light of hope  and dark blue to show sadness and loneliness for contrast.

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