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About the Animation

In a COVID world, two young students are trying to adjust to the new normals at school. Faces hidden behind masks; stuck between sheets plexiglass. With the extra distance, it is easy to feel alone and sometimes misunderstood. But despite these challenges, these students discover a new way to connect.


Contribution :

  • Producing

  • Animation

  • Art Direction


  • STORY : Story starts with darkblue creating a loney and isolated feeling. As a girl opens up to a boy, the color starts changing to orange, warming up the atmosphere between two kids.

  • CHARACTER : Design colors and texture in  Jush Sobel Rig

  • ENVIRONMENT :  Design, Texture, Lighting, Rendering and more

  • POSTPRODUCTION : Editing, CC, FX, and more

Creation Summary & details :

Animation students at Southern Adventist University release their short "Knock Knock", a story about finding connection in a COVID world. The short was made by 3 junior students between sheets of plexiglass and behind masks.

The small crew (Mugi Kinoshita, Avery Kroll, and Ruth Perez) animated the project in just over 4 months in the fall of 2020.

Awards :

SonScreen Film festival - 2021

  • “Best Animated Short”

  • “Best in Festival”

  • “Audience Choice Award"


  • "Best Undergraduate Student Film" Award at the Windrider Summit Short Film Showcase

  •  Screened at the Sundance Film Festival, January 23-28, 2022

Cast and Crew List :

CREATOR/DIRECTOR/ANIMATORS :  Mugí Kinoshita, Avery Kroll, Ruth Perez

SOUND DESIGN : Ethan Madding

Film Link/Website:

Art Direction

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